A bright future for children

Meeting people from Japan as well as from overseas is very fresh and exciting.

I often go on business trips abroad.
In Dubai, where I visited for work the other day, when I asked why the Japanese car was so popular with local workers, I got a very happy reply saying “There’s no mistake in what Japanese made!” It was.

The cars they handle are so-called scrap cars that have been used in Japan.
Even in that scrapped car, they say that Made in Japan is high quality.

I thought that the delicate and precise work of Japanese people moved beyond the country and impressed people beyond the times, and I couldn’t help but feel proud of being the same Japanese.

NEO Trading Co., Ltd.
President  Keiji Nagao

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Corporate philosophy

  • 01Comply with compliance and act as an example inside and outside the company.

  • 02To people around the world who need what they need. Work on bridging world citizens.

  • 03Become a company that is needed in the region, and build a service that will please customers with a smile.

  • 04Build a firm relationship of trust between labor and management and create the world’s best teamwork company.

  • 05Today than yesterday. Tomorrow than today. “If you don’t move forward, you will move backward,” you will continue to grow one step at a time.

Company Profile

Company Name
NEO Trading Co., Ltd.
November 2006
January 2011
Keiji Nagao
10 million yen
【Head Office】
4942-1 Tsue Kurosecho, Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
TEL. +81-823-69-0320 
FAX. +81-823-69-0322
Hiroshima Shinkin Bank(Saijo branch)